Pitta Nutrition 

pitta dosha symbol.png


Favor: Cool

Avoid: Warm or hot

Food Qualities

Favor: Dry, dense, mild, grounding and nourishing

Avoid: Light, oily, sharp


Favor: Sweet, bitter, astringent 

Avoid: Sour, salty, pungent


Favor: Olive, sunflower, canola, ghee, coconut

Avoid: Sesame, corn, safflower, almond


Favor: Wheat, rice (basmati, white, wild), barley, bran, granola, quinoa, cooked oats, and amaranth.

Avoid: Yeast, buckwheat, corn, dry oats, rye, millet, and brown rice.


Favor: Sweet and bitter vegetables: Asparagus, okra, cucumbers, mushrooms, peas, green peppers, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, sprouts, squashes, green leafy vegetables, pumpkins, broccoli, cauliflower, collard greenscelery, lettuce, green beans, and zucchini, cooked beets, carrots, and onions.

Avoid:  Pungent and spicy vegetables: Tomatoes, cooked spinach, mustard greens mustard greens, corn, eggplant, raw onions, garlic, radishes, hot peppers.


Favor: Sweeter fruits: Purple grapes, melons, sweet berries coconuts, avocados, apricots, mangoes, pears, sweet apples pomegranates, pineapple, oranges, plums, prunes, raisins, dates, figs, watermelon, limes, papaya. 

Avoid: Sour fruits: Green grapes, sour apples, sour berries, sour cherries, grapefruits, oranges kiwis, lemons, and peaches.


Favor: Coriander, cumin, turmeric, saffron, vanilla, cinnamon, black pepper, fennel, and fresh ginger. 

Avoid: Paprika, chili pepper, cayenne, mustard seed, nutmeg, oregano garlic, cloves, bay leaf,  and asafoetida (hing).


Favor: Black beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils (all), mung beans, navy beans, pinto beans, soybeans, tempeh, and tofu.

Avoid: Processed soy and soy sauce.


Favor: Peeled almonds and coconut.

Avoid: All except those listed.


Favor: Flax, psyllium, pumpkin, and sunflower. 

Avoid: Sesame and tahini.



Favor: Unsalted butter, soft cheese, cow's milk, goat's milk, ghee, and ice cream.

Avoid: Sour and fermented products: sour cream, buttermilk, hard cheese, and yogurt. 


Favor: Almond milk, rice milk, soy milk, apple/grape/pomegranate/orange/prune juice, and herbal teas (chamomile, dandelion, fennel, licorice, mint, red clover), Alcohol - in moderation (Beer and dry white wine)

Avoid: Alcohol (hard and red wine), caffeinated, cranberry/grapefruit/pineapple/tomato juice, iced tea, lemonade, and herbal teas (cinnamon, ginseng, rosehips, yerba mate).


Favor: White chicken, white turkey, freshwater fish, shrimp, venison, rabbit, and egg whites.

Avoid: Beef, dark chicken, dark turkey, salt water fish, lamb, mutton, pork, egg yolks


Favor: Barley malt, honey, maple syrup, rice syrup, and natural sugar.

Avoid: Molasses, white sugar, and chocolate. 


Favor: Eating small meals often. 

Avoid: Fasting