pitta balancing

Pitta Dosha 101

By Angela Glaz

Ayurvedic Health Coach & 500 Hour E-RYT

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The pitta dosha is comprised of the elements fire and water and is known as the processor, as it helps us to think, discriminate, have clear vision, digest, and maintain body temperature.

Pitta holds the qualities of:

Oily:  Balances dryness, produces enzymes for proper digestion, and gives luster to skin.

Sharp: Cooks and digests food. Makes the mind sharp and promotes self-confidence.

Hot: Maintains the acidity of digestive enzymes and helps maintain body temperature.

Light: Illuminates mind, intelligence, and life

Acidic: Give acidic smell to seat and bile, helps digestive food.

Mobile: Helps to metabolize food.

Liquid: Helps digestion and overall flow in the body.

Pitta Balancing Yoga Practice:

Ideally, a pitta pacifying practice should be slower paced, cooling in nature, and aim to nurture, increase flexibility, and find ease through breath.

Do you know your dosha?