milk thistle health benefits

The Benefits of Milk Thistle

Angela Glaz

Ayurvedic Specialist & 500 Hour E-RYT


Milk thistle, is a natural herb that is most commonly used to detoxify the body, in particular the liver. The plant is native to the Mediterranean and was named after the milky white residue that comes from the plant’s leaves when crushed.

Milk thistle also holds anti-inflammatory properties and is an antioxidant, which helps fight free radical damage and slow the aging process that can lead to disease. The seeds of the plant specifically contains high levels of lipophilic extracts, which act as bioflavanoid antioxidants that increase immunity and help the body manage stress.

6 Benefits of Milk Thistle

1. Liver Detoxification & Health

You can think of the liver as the filter of your body. Because it is an antioxidant, milk thistle helps rebuild liver cells while removing ama (toxins) from the body.  Milk thistle is effective at naturally reversing toxicity in the body, meaning it filters out pollution from the air, pesticides we might ingest through out food, and alcohol.  

2. Clear Mind & Clear Skin

Milk thistles amazing cleansing and filtering capabilities also helps us find clarity in our mind and on our skin by helping reduce inflammation.

3. Cancer Prevention

Milk thistle seeds are a high source of the antioxidant flavonoid called silymarin. Silymarin is associated with decreasing the risk for cancer development by boosting the immune system, fighting DNA damage and reversing cancerous tumor growth.

4. Cholesterol Control

Milk thistle can help control cholesterol levels because of the anti-inflammatory properties it holds. These properties also help maintain heart health and prevent oxidative stress damage within the arteries.

5. Diabetes Prevention

The antioxidant flavonoid, silymarin, has been reported  help maintain glycemic levels.

6. Anti-Aging

The cleansing and filtering capabilities of milk thistle along with all of it’s antioxidants have  been reported to help slow the aging process, internally and externally, protecting the body from chronic disease.

What can Milk Thistle be taken for:

Liver support and detoxification

Liver Disease: Jaundice and hepatitis

Gallbladder issues

Skin pigment discoloration

*Please check with your medical care provider before taking.

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