hand mudras

Benefits of the Ganesha Mudra

Angela Glaz

Ayurvedic Specialist & 500 Hour E-RYT


If you’re not familiar with mudras, they are just hand positions. While quite simple to perform, they are powerful!  Each area of the hand has a reflex reaction in a specific part of the brain, meaning when we practice mudras they lock and guide energy flow to the brain, helping  energy and mood.

The Ganesha mudra, named after the Hindu elephant god is known to help increase mood and remove obstacles or blockages within the body and mind.

How to do it:

  • Bring your hands to heart center.

  • Turn your hand so your palms continue to face one another, but your fingertips reach toward opposite elbows.

  • Lock your fingers together.

  • It is recommended to set an intention as you lock your hands.

  • Allow your breath to mindful move in and out as you hold the mudra. Each time you exhale, pull your hands away from one another.

  • Take 5-10 breaths and then repeat with the opposite hand in front.

Significance and Benefits:

  • Helps remove mental obstacles and improves clarity.

  • Stimulated the solar plexus chakra and increases the fire element, which helps increase our digestive fire, as well as our ability to grow and transform ourselves as human beings and spiritual beings.

  • Stimulates the heart chakra, opening us up to love, compassion, and courage, and releasing fear and worry.

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