foundations of ayurveda

Ayurveda and Food Combining

By Angela Glaz

500 Hour E-RYT and Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor


Have you ever experienced a little kid throwing a tantrum because two separate foods on their plate touched, but then their parents tell them to calm down because it’s all going to the same place anyway?

Well… it is, but it is not digesting at the same rate and this is one of the reasons Ayurveda places such an emphasis on food combining.

While there are a number of food combining rules we could abide by, these are my top 3! Following these 3 rules, while you might not always want to abide by them, will have a huge impact on your digestive health.

Rule 1

Fruit should be eaten on its own. Fruit is mostly water and the easiest of foods to digest. Therefore when we eat it with other foods that take longer to digest, fruit will have to wait for those foods to process, then causing the fruit to ferment and cause gas and bloating. Mango, known as the king of the fruits, is the only fruit that can be combined with yogurt. Hence the popularity of mango lassis!

Rule 2

Neither meat protein nor beans should be combined with milk protein  as they are both heavy in nature and are often difficult to digest. In order to break down properly, they both require a good deal of digestive strength. To avoid gas and/or constipation, it is best if these to food items are eaten separately.

Rule 3

Honey should never be cooked. Honey digests slowly when cooked and the molecules become a non-homogenized glue which adheres to mucous membranes and clogs subtle channels, producing toxins. While uncooked honey  holds a number of health benefits, unfortunately cooked honey is toxic for the body. Tea drinkers: honey can be added to warm water, not hot. Honey should also not be combined with ghee.

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