An Ayurvedic Perspective: Screen Time and Eye Health

By Angela Glaz

Ayurvedic Health Counselor & 500 Hour E-RYT


Not counting the amount of time we are on our computer or our phone for work, the majority of us easily tack on an additional 2-5 hours per day via tv and scrolling through social media.
Think of all of the other things you could do with that time! Whatever it is that you’ve been telling yourself you don’t have time to do, you do!

In addition, all of that screen time can cause serious havoc on our bodies, especially our eyes. Our intense focus on this glowing object without regular breaks can cause dry eyes, watery eyes, headaches, and even a decrease our eyes sight. In Ayurveda, these would be considered pitta imbalances, as pitta is associated with the sense organ of the eyes.

You get it, you know it, you need to lessen your screen time. But, how? Keep reading to learn a few quick tips on how you can add more time to your day and keep your eyes healthy, even when screen time is a must.

How to lessen your screen time:

  1. Bring more awareness to how, when, and how much you are in front of a screen. Download the  Moment –  Balance Screen Time  app. Use this app to track how much you use your phone and/or tablet each day.

  2. Pick a start time to use your electronic devices for the day.
    Suggestion: Not while you are still in bed.

  3. Pick an end time to stop using your electronic devices for the day.
    Suggestion: 9pm or not while you are in bed.

  4. Pick a daily-allotted amount of time to spend on social media each day.

How to keep your eyes healthy, when daily screen time is a must:

  1. The 20-20-20 Rule. If you are required to work on a computer daily, take break every 20 minutes. During that break, take 20 seconds to soften your eyes as they look somewhere about 20 feet away. This simple practice will instantly relieve any tension in your face and refresh the eyes.

  2. Practice eye exercises such as looking side to side, up and down, and in a circle with your eyes. You can also practice cupping your eyes with your palms for either 10-20 seconds or as long as needed.

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