Vata Season

By Angela Glaz

500 Hour E-RYT and Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor


Fall is a great time to get back into the swing of things. Naturally, you'll find that the need for doing will shift into a state of being and creating, and the need for routine will become more apparent. This eb and flow of our body and mind with the shift of the seasons is what Ayurveda encourages us to recognize.

In the Northern hemisphere, Fall is referred to as vata season, as we tend to see more vata qualities in our environment. The increase of these qualities within our environment then tends to increase these qualities within our bodies and minds, causing imbalances.

Vata Qualities and How They Correlate to the Season

Cold: The temperature drops from the summer heat.

Dry/Rough: As the temperature drops and we transition into winter, plants and trees begin to dry up, leaves literally fall from trees.

Light/Mobile: With the cooler temperatures, we experience more wind and blustery days.

Vata Qualities and How they Affect our Bodies and Minds

Cold: The cooler temperatures in our environment can cause us to feel cold (especially in our hands and feet). When our bodies are cold, we tend to curl inward and create tension in the body.

Dry/Rough: Cooler temperatures plus wind equals drier skin, hair, and nails.

Light/Mobile: The blustery days that we see more of can often feel sporadic and irritating, making us feel anxious and unfocused.

How to Stay Balanced During Vata Season

Dress warm: Sweaters, flannels,  scarves, hats… so many options when it comes to keeping warm.  Layers are the way to go to maintain a comfortable body temperature.

Eat warmer and more grounding foods: Foods that are heavier in nature, cooked, and filled with spices will help keep the body warm, the mind focused, and the digestive fire stoked.

Use more oil: When we cook with oil, it nourishes our insides and gives us more sustenance to help keep us grounded. When we use oil externally, unlike lotion, it seeps into our skin and deepest tissues to leave us feeling soft and smooth.

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