Padma Mudra

By Angela Glaz

 500 Hour E-RYT and Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor 


If you’re not familiar with mudras, they are just hand positions. While quite simple to perform, they are powerful! Each area of the hand has a reflex reaction in a specific part of the brain, meaning when we practice mudras they lock and guide energy flow to the brain, helping energy and mood.

The Padma mudra, meaning lotus flower, is meant to mimic a blossoming flower. If you’re unfamiliar with the nature of the lotus flower, it’s a beautiful flower that some how merges from murky waters perfectly clean.

How to do it: 

Connect your thumbs to one another and your pinkies to each other as well; with the outer edges of your hands sealed together, splay the rest of your fingers outward. Now, hold the opening of your hands above your heart and below your chin.

Significance and Benefits:

  • In Hinduism, it is associated with beauty, fertility, and spirituality.
    Energetically, it helps us shift toward that state of perseverance and purity and rise above attachment and fear.
    Stimulates our root chakra, allowing us to feel safe and secure.

  • Stimulates the sacral chakra, connecting us to our flexibility and the power of our reproductive organs.

  • Stimulates the solar plexus chakra, connecting us to our passion and drive.

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