5 Must Haves for Pitta Season

By Angela Glaz

500 Hour E-RYT and Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor

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During the summer, or when our environment is hot, Pitta naturally increases. According to Ayurveda, rosewater helps in curing some specific Pitta dominant ailments like eye inflammation, headache due to aggravated pitta, sore throat, enlarged tonsils, skin dullness, and acne.

How to use:

·      Mist your face when feeling overheated

·      Spray a small amount of rosewater on a cotton ball and press over closed eyes.

·      Add a teaspoon of rosewater to your water or smoothie (be sure you are not using a cosmetic version that contains alcohol).



The liver is one of the seats of Pitta, or where Pitta tends to accumulate. During the summer months, the heat of the season can take its toll on the liver. Thank goodness for lemons! As lemons support the liver, helping clear out the liver and allowing bile to flow properly.

How to use:

·      Add it to water room temperature water or steep it in hot water to make tea.

·      Add it to your summer dishes – on fish or as part of a salad dressing.

·      Use it as an essential oil by putting a small dab on your wrist or behind your ears.



Mint is cool in nature and assists with helping maintain healthy digestion. For Pitta that means it can help ensure you’re not going to the bathroom too much. The sent of mint is cooling and refreshing and can help relieve stress and or feelings of irritation. Lastly, mint holds anti-inflammatory properties, which help sooth common Pitta skin imbalances, such as acne.


How to use:

·      Add it to water room temperature water or steep it in hot water to make tea.

·      Make a mint face pack with freshly grinded mint leaves mixed with rose water.



(Not the buttermilk you’re thinking of)

Takra or buttermilk, not the buttermilk we are used to seeing premade in the store, but a liquid preparation prepared by continuously churning yogurt plain organic yogurt in water.  Traditional Ayurvedic buttermilk It is great for helping cool the body and the mind, in addition to treating diarrhea, anemia, urinary diseases, and hemorrhoids.

How to use: 

To make buttermilk: Blend equal parts plain organic yogurt and water in a blender for 3-4 minutes. Add fruit or rosewater to create a traditional Ayurvedic lassi. 


Coloring Book

Pittas are known for being go-getters, being competitive, and for being passionate and driven - all wonderful qualities when kept in balance. If we think of Pitta in terms of actual fire, we want our Pitta to be more like a campfire rather than a forest fire, as a forest fire will burn everything up. When we get that extra boost of energy from the sun, its easy to go and go without stopping, but what happens is we are not allowing our body and mind the time it needs to replenish.  There for it is imperative to take the time to do something that isn’t going to overheat neither the body nor the mind.