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Chakras and Doshas: Seasonal Practice of Balance

The doshas are elemental energies that combine to create our unique physical, emotional, and mental bodies. The chakras are swirling energetic centers along our central channel (spine) that direct and guide the physical body. These gross and subtle bodies interplay to maintain balance in the body and nourish the energetic/physical body connection. In this workshop, we’ll explore the healing relationship between the manipura and ajna (6th) chakras and kapha (earth and water) dosha. As we transition from winter to spring, learn how to activate the chakras to tap into the blossoming qualities of kapha: nourishing, supportive, the soil we till to plant our visions for a later harvest. Cultivation of this relationship will illuminate your deep inner seer. Discussion as well as asana, pranayama, and meditation will be used to clear the way.

Teacher: Megan Clone

Investment: $40.00

No refunds - in store credit/transfers ok

Earlier Event: March 30
Yoga Nidra