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Psychic School

Psychic ability isn’t for the gifted few. Everyone has access to their “higher sense perception.” Psychic school is for light-workers, healers and anyone who desires to connect more with their guidance system and to feel more confident and grounded in their innate abilities.

In psychic school we will:

·      Deepen our understanding of energetic anatomy and the chakra system

·      Learn about the different ways we receive information

·      Learn practical ways to raise our vibration and be a clear and open conduit

·      Exercises to clear and open chakras

·      Meditate

·      Participate in energetic self-care techniques

·      Writing exercises

·      Practice using our higher sense perception in group or partner exercises

·      Have open discussion and dialogue to share experiences, techniques and learn from each other

What to bring: journal, something for the altar.

What to wear: comfortable clothing, preferably natural fibers.

No experience or prior training necessary.

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Facilitator: Elli Yokochi

Cost: $33  (Early Bird - Before 7/15) or $44

Space is limited for quality of the experience.

Must Pre-Register - Registration closes Monday, August 6th

No refunds - in store credit/transfers ok