Making Meditation Simple

By Angela Glaz

Ayurvedic Health Coach and 500 Hour E-RYT


What is meditation

Chitta Vritti Nirodha - Removing the fluctuations of the mind.  Meditation is mindfulness or the simple act of being self-aware, becoming conscious of when our mind wanders or gets caught on replay in certain thoughts or memories.

Benefits of Meditation

Decreases stress, anxiety, and worry
Decreases depression
Increases focus and concentration
Increases self-confidence
Increases happiness
Improves mood and emotional intelligence
Slows aging
Benefits cardiovascular and immune health

Why adding meditation to your routine isn’t more

Take a look of the long list of benefits above.  To get those results via a doctor, a therapist, the drugs they prescribe you, would take a lot more time and also cost you a pretty penny.
All it takes is a little discipline and a few minutes of your day to get started!

Try out our 4 minute guided meditation!

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