Abyhanga (Self-Massage)

 By Angela Glaz

500 Hour E-RYT and Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor

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What you need:

Warm sesame oil or medicated oil for your particular dosha Banyan Botanicals is a great place to purchase both.

How to do it:

The ritual of Abyhanga suggests massaging your entire body. You should begin at the crown of your head and work down toward your feet.  While performing, you should massage up along your arms and legs (moving toward your heart), massage in an upward circular motion around face and joints, and massage in a clockwise motion around your stomach and chest.

Enjoy a warm bath or shower shortly after. It’s recommended that you rinse off or bathe in only water and use a mild soap on the “strategic” areas. When done bathing, towel dry. Keep a special towel for drying off after your abhyanga because it will eventually get ruined, due to the accumulation of oil.




·      Increased circulation (specifically at nerve endings)

·      Lubrication of the joints,

·      Elimination of toxins from the body

·      Makes deep tissues soft and supple, helping to remove stress and nourish the nervous system

·      Helps reduce cases of pain, debility, and stiffness

·      Helps reduces fatigue

·      Increased energy levels

·      Soft and healthy skin.

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