Tikshna Agni

By Angela Glaz

500 Hour E-RYT and Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor

Tekshna agni.png

The Pitta dosha is the Ayurvedic dosha that consist of the elements fire and water. It is the energy of of digestion, assimilation, and transformation.

While we all carry all three Ayurvedic doshas within in us, those that are Pitta dominant (more fire) tend to experience what we refer to as “hanger,” as their agni or digestive fire is stronger than Kapha and Vata. Pitta’s are the people you know that seem to be hungry all of the time, eat all the time and don’t gain weight, and get irritated easily when they have not been fed.

While Kapha and Vata, when imbalanced, are prone to low digestive fire, Pitta’s increases. This excess of agni is referred to as tikshna agni. Tikshna agni is essentially too much fire. Think about trying to roast a marshmallow. When roasting it over an open flame, you take your time trying to make it nice and brown. However, if it hits a flame, it turns black or into ash. The same thing happens when we we experience tikshna agni. Our digestive fire just burns everything up, causing irritation in the digestive tract, diarrhea, and depletion of the dhatus or our seven bodily tissues.

How to find Sama (Balanced) Agni

  • Eat cooling foods, such as cucumbers, leafy greens. fresh fruit.
  • Add cooling oils like coconut oil, sunflower oil, and ghee to your diet.
  • Reduce your intake of pungent and spicy foods.
  • Slow Down - Try a Yin or Restorative style yoga practice or swimming.
  • Take Shatavari - It's qualities of heavy, moist, soft, and cooling help balance excess heat within the body and mind.

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