5 Reasons why Ayurveda should be a part of your life

By Angela Glaz

500 Hour E-RYT and Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor 


1. Honors us as individuals.

It recognizes that not one size fits all. What we need in our diet, lifestyle, and exercise varies from one individual to the other.

Unlike Western Medicine, it looks at us holistically: body, mind, spirit.

2. Teaches preventative Health

It tells us how to listen to our body and what to look for so that we can balance our own imbalances.

3. Teaches us how to simplify and streamline

Recognizes that stress is one of the worst things for our bodies and minds. If modifying your lifestyle for "health" causes more stress, don't do it.

Example: Instead of giving up coffee, cut back.

4. Helps us better communicate and maintain relationships

By understanding the general qualities/traits of each dosha, we can better communicate, maintain, and build relationships with friends, colleagues, partners.

5. A diet isn’t a diet; it’s a life style

An Ayurvedic diet is not prescribed for weight loss. An Ayurvedic diet helps us adjust what, when, and how we eat so that our digestive fire is strong, and our body/mind are happy and healthy. 

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