Eka's yoga classes are designed to help students find balance and feel good.  All levels, all body types, all doshas are encouraged to try all classes.  Do you know your dosha? If not, click the button below to take the dosha test and find out!

Out of respect for the practice and the time of our students, we start and end all classes on time.  Please be sure to arrive at least a few minutes early, as we do lock our door to ensure the safety of our students and their belongings during class times. 

Vata Balancing

Our Vata Balancing class is a slow paced, yet a strong practice that aims to bring focus to the mind, cultivate heat, stabilize, strengthen and increase flexibility in the muscles, and find nourishment through breath.  Designed for all levels. (Hatha)

Pitta Balancing

Our Pitta Balancing class is a  slow paced, passive, and cooling practice that aims to nurture, increase flexibility, and find ease through breath. Designed for all levels. (Restorative/Yin)

Kapha Balancing

Our Kapha Balancing class is a fast paced and dynamic practice that aims to stimulate, promote alertness, and cultivate heat through both movement and breath. Designed for all levels. (Vinyasa)

Tri-Dosha Balancing

Our Tri-Dosha Balancing class is the full sample platter. In this class you will have the opportunity to ground, cultivate heat and energy, and restore. The perfect class to balance any and all imbalances happening in the body and mind. Designed for all levels. (Hatha/Vinyasa/Restorative Blend)

Yoga Nidra and Pitta Balancing

Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep brings us into a deep state of consciousness that goes beyond the sleep state to a higher state of awareness. In this healing state we can access our higher knowledge within, and let go of mental processing, where we are frequently judging and evaluating the external world. Yoga Nidra is thought to help us heal from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and insomnia, and even heal from disease. We will begin with a cooling and slow movement practice, and then transition into the Yoga Nidra guidance.

What to wear and bring: comfortable clothing, small blanket, and eye pillow if you have one

Community Yoga

Our community yoga is a donation-based yoga class. This class is appropriate for any level of experience, from beginners to advanced. Come and enjoy some great yoga.


Traditionally, yoga was taught one-on-one. Private lessons provide a setting in which individual need can completely be addressed. Yoga postures and breathing exercises are chosen and developed to meet these specific needs. In one-on-one yoga, the student will be carefully guided by verbal instruction, demonstration, and hands on direction to explore yoga to meet their own needs at their own pace. 

Private Yoga Events

Whether you’re celebrating, team building, or just looking for something a bit more personal, creating your own private yoga event caters to your groups needs and wants. You pick the teacher, day and time, the style of yoga, and the music to create the perfect yoga practice for your group. Private yoga events can accommodate up to 25 people.