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Yoga and Ayurveda

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About Eka Yoga

Eka, meaning one, is a yoga studio and online platform dedicated to reconnecting Yoga and Ayurveda through education and inspiration.  

Traditionally,  Yoga and Ayurveda were thought of as two closely related spiritual or sacred sciences rooted in the Vedic tradition of India.  Reconnecting these two traditions creates the opportunity for yoga practitioners to begin to understand and appreciate that they are unique and what they need in their diet, yoga practice, and routine is unique. 

Eka Yoga Offers


I've been going to this studio regularly for 3 months, and I love it. It is clean, orderly, and there is a real sense of caring coming from the instructors. They are investing in the community and are educating the community through classes, workshops and events. Pricing is excellent and there are always monthly specials. Eka is unique, and truly special, and it has enriched my life. Highly recommend. - Samantha

Eka is a warm & inviting yoga studio in Seattle. The teachers are amazing & bring so much knowledge and care to each class. I love the studio and the space. It also has amazing workshops. The classes are based on your dosha, so they have a great healing flow to each class. The classes are still vinyasa, flow, hatha and restorative but there is a beautiful gift of balancing your doshas with each class that makes this studio unique and amazing. It's a must ! I always feel zen and relaxed when I leave ! - Jennifer

I love this place! It's not like the typical businesslike/commercialized yoga studios, the owner Angela and other instructors are very nice, warm, personal and friendly. They are very knowledgeable and so good at explaining the different Doshas and other Ayurvedic related stuff. The classes are not crowded, and the place is tidy and well kept. Aside from the two weeks special for new costumers, they also offer special discounts for regular/frequent clients, thus made classes affordable. Highly recommended! - Maan